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Sept. 12th 2017 - Toofpick was interviewed on The Urban Suite radio show on

Sunday Feb. 2017 - Blogger Great Frank reviews Toofpick Will's music

Alright everyone, now is the time to pay attention to Toofpick Will. After listening to him, you know he the real deal. At first, I was somewhat turned off by his somewhat hackenyed corniess delivery method, but as I continued to listed I was captured by his meaningful thought provoking lyrical content. He really went deep when I heard Track- "Gods Been Knowin"

What do I mean when I say his rhymes are somewhat corny? It sounds like he is trying to hard on his bangin turned up tracks. There is no need for that mawkish way of rhyming. It's all good tho, and it still sounds great. Also all the beats that he uses are premier and he has some very talented features. They all did they thing on Track "Get It" ft.Killa Streetz & China.

I'm not trying to down him under any circumstance. Listening to all these tracks was a pure pleasure. After listening to this you will know how to go to a deeper level. He presents everything in a pure professional and profitable method. He has all his tracks on all the different media sources. That just makes sense, because you block yourself from future success, when you only focus on one way to survive. You must remain patient, and find you someone special to grind with like in Track- "Take It Slow" ft. Stefan Mitchell & Cashanova.

Like I always say, I am willing to write a review for any artist who request one. Just follow me on twitter @BloggerFranks87, also please download the Twitch app and follow me "greatfrank". I usually tweet out that Im about to stream, so if you turn on the notifications, you will always be in-tune with the stream. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


2015 - Toofpick was featured on JPB TV News

January 2016 - Dance Flow wins Best Rap/Hip Hop EP Award from @AkademiaAwards

Jun 22nd 2014 - Toofpick performed at the annual community event FlavaFest

Nov 18, 2013 - Toofpick Will interviewed in studio on

Apr 25, 2013 - Toofpick was interviewed on The Countdown City Mix T.V. Show

May 2, 2012 - Toofpick was interviewed by Industry All Access

Raised on the north-side of San Antonio, Texas, Will “ Toofpick Will ” Jefferson is a unique and talented individual. He is known for his spontaneous personality and mic-destroying lyrical ability.

IAA: What is your music background?

TOOFPICK WILL: My music background consists of hip hop. I am looking to explore other genres for my upcoming project, such as r&b, pop, metal, and reggaeton.

IAA: Why do you want to record and release your own music?

TOOFPICK WILL: I recently got my own studio equipped with the latest Pro Tools. Now I can save so much time and money when recording. I love making music, it calms me down when dealing with life’s problems

IAA: What are your songs about?

TOOFPICK WILL: My songs are about topics people can relate too. I am being myself through my music. I am a 6’2″ 1/3 Spaniard 1/3 Black (my father is Black,It’s a Mariah Carey thing lol) kid.  I have a high metabolism , hence the name Toofpick. I fell in love with hip-hop and wanted to make enough money to get my mother out of Section 8. If you can relate to what I do, used to do, or will do, then my music is for your ears.

IAA: Who is your fan base directed?

TOOFPICK WILL: My music is directed towards people who feel what I am saying, love my songs and my talent. I was astonished to find people on the east-side of my town bumping my music. I’ve never even met some of my listeners in person!

IAA: Who are your musical influences?

TOOFPICK WILL: Music influences me because it moves you. It goes parallel with what you’re feeling. I am influenced by the rhythm of the instruments or simple beats that get you moving.  Artists that influence me are Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, 2Pac, Jimi Hendrix,The Beatles,Aerosmith, and Selena, plus many more.

IAA: How would you describe your music to people?

TOOFPICK WILL: My music is energizing, head-nodding, powerful, compelling, ear-catching, passionate, and crunk. My music is great, and it has a lot of feeling. This is actually how many of my listeners have described my music.

IAA: What makes you stand out from other artist?

TOOFPICK WILL: My name makes me stand out. People always ask, “Who is Toofpick?” My sound is unique and helps me to stand out. Plus, I always emphasize my sound when on a record in order to get my feelings out.

IAA: What are some upcoming projects, you are currently working on?

TOOFPICK WILL: I am working on my 3rd project, ‘The Hey Yo!! Mixtape Vol.2’. My very 1st one was Vol.1. I’m making a sequel to it with my group/label B.I.B.Entertainment, which stands for Back In Business. This next project will have those different songs such as rap,r&b,pop,rock,techno,reggaeton,etc.

IAA: What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

TOOFPICK WILL: I’ve always wanted to win a Grammy. That’s my prize, that’s my super bowl trophy, my Oscar. I want to have fans not just in San Antonio, but across the World

IAA: How can your fans access your music and contact you?

TOOFPICK WILL: You can find me on Twitter@followToofpick  and Facebook, Download my latest music, Check out my performances, you will not be disappointed!

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